Geospatial Tool Development

What We Offer

Dynamic Federal Solutions Inc. is a technology based consulting and services company. We understand there are many ways to utilize us for your operational, geospatial support, and technology requirements; this is why we offer flexible partnerships to fit your needs.

We provide assistance in program/project management, geospatial tool/ product development, engineering, IT (information technology) and administrative support for all aspects of your business. The core of our business surrounds the following

  • Geospatial Applications and Analysis
  • 3D Rendering of Operational Environments (OE)
  • Product Development for target and named areas of interest (NAI’s)
  • Mapping and mission planning tool development
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME) Staffing (Short/ Long term staff augmentation)

Many of the products we develop require infrastructure to support, develop, and train all appropriate cleared professionals. We partner in support of commercial businesses, federal agencies, and prime contractors to the Federal Government throughout the United States and overseas.

Due to our experience working with Federal Agencies, we work closely with our partners to aid in Transition Assistance Programs to better assist situational and operational awareness. Our primary goal in the geospatial environment ultimately is to save lives and ensure better mission preparedness. Our team has served in high threat operational environments and have conducted operations that proved to be a challenge without the tools necessary to complete the mission and mitigate risk.

DFSI is committed to the progress of geospatial analysis, intelligence and tool development. With years of experience in the assessment of geospatial intelligence, and incorporation of state of the art technologies, DFSI is on the cutting edge of this important service.

The term geospatial literally means “pertaining to the geographic location and characteristics of natural or constructed features and boundaries on, above, or below the earth’s surface, especially related to data that is geographic and spatial in nature”.


The art of recording and utilizing geospatial information has been in development for years. In 1996, the most advanced imagery and geospatial assets were combined in the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA). The existence of a central location and singular scope of work allowed for unprecedented advancement in this field.

In 2003, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) was formed. Director James Clapper formally titled the cutting edge discipline “geospatial intelligence” (GEOINT), even as giant strides were taken in advancing their craft. With the new name, came a more comprehensive vision. The discipline now accumulated geospatial data and imagery to describe, assess and visually depict human activity on earth. This intelligence was vital to ensure national security while better understanding the pulse of global security and stability.

GEOINT is critical on many levels. Policy makers are kept informed of real time developments on the world stage. Abroad, tactical and operational missions are conducted based on this critical intelligence. In fact, use of GEOINT has been a vital component of major military initiatives since its inception. The location of Osama bin Laden, is just one example of how GEOINT has altered the course of history.

Future Strategies

The discipline of GEOINT has experienced unprecedented growth in the past decade. This means that experts must be increasingly vigilant to maintain effectiveness. Not only does technology continue to rapidly develop, but also we must navigate the ever-changing political landscape. Experts must consider many factors including today’s fiscal challenges and the various pockets of unrest that exist worldwide. We must incorporate innovative strategies, even as we develop more sophisticated technology. We at DFSI are committed to remain on the forefront of the GEOINT discipline. Our team of experts has the knowledge and skill set, in conjunction with real world application of GEOINT that sets us apart from many who are just developing technology. We look forward to partnering with you to ensure that you have the information you need, at the time when you need it.